Munck CSR program in Africa

29. april 2020  |  

Munck Civil Engineering is currently involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in Africa, notably water supply boreholes in the communities, village road rehabilitation, as well as school, church, clinic and hospital building works.


The CSR programme is being carried out in Sub-Sahara. The climate is very arid in this region and especially during the dry season October – June. Water is vital and very scarce, the rivers are dry and boreholes are essential to both the people and animals in Northern Ghana. The joy on peoples’ faces, and especially the children, is a sight to be beholden every time we commission a new water borehole.


Our biggest CSR commitment is to Sandema District Hospital. This 90-bed hospital serves a huge catchment and suffers from severe shortage of funds. When we started the project, the sanitary conditions were truly shocking and we went about re-landscaping the hospital grounds and improving the drainage systems, as well as perimeter fencing. The change is incredible and those affected are so grateful it cannot easily be put into words.


Munck is very proud to have initiated this programme of Corporate Social Responsibility within the communities where we are working and witness the improvements to others lives in a very harsh environment. We will continue our CSR endeavours in Northern Ghana.

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