Value through infrastructure


The result of our work benefits everybody:

Better roads, environment-friendly districy heating, sewer systems guaranteed for the future, fast fibre optic networks, as well as safe and secure port facilities. Well-functioning infrastructure paves the way for a good safety and security, better resource utility, development and growth.


Munck performs a wide range of construction tasks both in Denmark and abroad. Most of our international projects are carried out by respectively Munck Civil Engineering a/s and Munck Íslandi Ehf

News from Munck Gruppen



Munck CSR program in Africa

Munck Civil Engineering is currently involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in Africa, notably water supply boreholes in the communities, village road rehabilitation, as well as school, church, clinic and hospital building works.



Munck to build bridges and roads in Ghana

Munck Civil Engineering has contracted with the Ghana Highway Authority on the Danida-funded project 'Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana'.

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